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Lucas Labs Products

CAT - Process Chamber Assurance Tool  

Designed to test pressure sensors, mass flow controllers, pump performance, and chamber integrity.

CAT is used primarily for:

  • Performance monitoring of process tool components to prevent unscheduled down time and maintenance
  • Fingerprinting of high yield process tools for system matching with like tools
  • Brining new and down systems online and into specification
  • Baselining tools before starting a run

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  CAT - Chamber Assurance Tool

The Signatone QuadPro Process Development Resistivity System is available in both manual and automatic 8" and 12" systems. The systems use Four-Point Probes with a state of the art current source and electronic DVM combined with a dual configuration test procedure and test integration to obtain an accuracy of better than 1% over the resistivity range from 1 milli-ohm to 2 Meg-ohms per square.

The Signatone Pro4 series provides simple answers to sheet and bulk resistivity measurements.

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Florizel is a dedicated, stand-alone, fully automated testing system for up to 8 mass flow controllers per batch. Tests are carried out under conditions representative of those experienced by the MFC during actual process. The system measures the real time behavior of the MFC, including its start-up transient as well as stability in steady state.

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